Take control of your property with access control

Even the best armored doors find it difficult to resist the ingenuity of intruders. If an intrusion alarm system is useful, we also focus on prevention by preventing these intrusions using access control systems. Particularly useful for offices and businesses, they can even protect your home, especially when integrated with other security systems.

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Different access control solutions

On request, we will study with you the inventory and your access control needs. Together, we establish a tailor-made access control system to guarantee you control of the premises.

We can offer you magnetic control solutions, whether with a card (as in more and more hotels) or with a badge. The magnetic badge is a very popular solution in apartment buildings, as locals can integrate it into their key fob.A safety cut above, we find the coded systems. Each user of the place must know the access code, which you can change regularly.

The most secure system uses biometrics. It can be a fingerprint reader in order to reserve access to a limited number of people, without risk of loss of badge or theft of access code.

Access box

Full control over the movement of people

In a complex building, we can install a flexible system that allows you to lock or unlock certain doors at specific times. With a biometric system, you can allow or exclude certain people in real time.

In addition, with an individualized system, you can record every door movement. So you can control the comings and goings of your staff and detect the slightest anomaly.

Integration of protection systems for optimum safety

Our access control solutions can be integrated into intrusion alarm systems and video surveillance systems , as well as remote monitoring. You will be immediately notified of the slightest attempted break-in. In addition, there is fire detection for a complete security chain.

No longer be dependent on obsolete protections. Call on Protech Entreprises in Brussels, in Brabant Wallon and Hainaut to install your new access control system, after free study and personalized estimate. Our alarm installers also move to these areas. We provide maintenance and repairs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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