The security service for a human intervention

Wishing to complete our service offer with the bonus that makes the difference, we offer you a guarding solution. To guarantee you the best service, we have developed a trusted partnership with an essential reference in the sector, the company G4S. In conjunction with the central monitoring station, the guard service ensures the natural extension of your electronic protection systems.

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Security guard

Human intervention to complete electronics

The INCERT-certified detection, alarm and access control systems that we install in your home are the best on the market.

But a complete security chain also requires human control. While the remote monitoring station can keep an eye on your property, it is always done remotely.

The security service that we offer in partnership with G4S allows rapid and flexible intervention in the event of a problem. You will no longer need to entrust this task to the neighborhood, the security guards take care of intervening and assessing the situation. In addition to their dissuasive role, they can analyze any situation and provide the appropriate solution. This is particularly useful in case of doubt about the nature of the incident (for example if an alarm has been triggered by an animal).

Efficient service in accordance with the law

The security service ensures human supervision during your absences and also in the event of unavailability of your neighbors and trusted relatives. G4S agents are trained according to strict procedures and constantly monitored to ensure compliance with the law. So you will benefit from a worry-free security service, to have peace of mind in all circumstances.

Security guard

G4S agents can intervene with or without a dog depending on the circumstances, and can also intervene as first responders in the event of fire or other accident.

If you would like to extend your electronic protection system with a professional human guarding service, contact us for a personalized free offer. Together, we analyze your specific situation and needs to determine a suitable solution.

Protech Entreprises also consists of alarm installers ( intrusion alarm , fire detectors, etc.) and video surveillance installers . Would you like to know more about these services ? Contact us without hesitation by phone or via the form on the contact page.

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