Our range of services for complete protection

Without compromising on security, we offer tailor-made electronic protection services from A to Z. Whether in intrusion detection, fire or access control, we ensure a quality installation in Brussels, in Brabant Wallon and Hainaut. Maintenance is fast and always responsive 24/24 thanks to our stock of spare parts.

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Alarm control keypad

Intrusion alarm

Highly sensitive motion sensors spot any suspicious movement around your building. Our alarm installers offer tailor-made detection systems to protect your property against any intrusion, while the alarm scares away unwanted people and warns the police.

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Fire detector

Fire detection

With smoke, carbon monoxide and heat detectors, our fire detection and alarm systems constantly monitor your safety. In addition, you have the choice between conventional or addressable systems according to the layout of the places to be secured.

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Paradox cameras

Video surveillance (CCTV)

Install cameras to monitor major crossing points and sensitive areas. With professional image quality day or night, you'll be able to observe and record everything. In addition, your video system can be linked to an intrusion alarm system.

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Access box

Access control

To secure places, in particular business premises, there’s nothing like access systems with code, badge or biometrics. In the access control system it is also possible to lock the doors remotely and to record all passages in order to guarantee immediate and long-term security.

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Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring

As it is impossible for you to monitor all your systems permanently, we suggest connecting them to a 24-hour operational monitoring center. Any detection, any alarm will be treated immediately according to a protocol that you will have established in advance according to your needs.

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Guard agent


To increase the effectiveness of remote monitoring, our partnership with G4S allows you to call in security patrols at the slightest alert. This service is particularly useful in the event of prolonged absence, while respecting the law, for discreet but effective security.

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