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To protect your buildings and property, your eyes must be everywhere. With a video surveillance system, you will have cameras placed at strategic locations to monitor each activity and detect threats in time. The recording of images also makes it possible to keep a trace to analyze the incidents.

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Site survey and custom installation

The installation of an efficient system that respects the laws in force requires perfect professionalism. Protech Entreprises, video surveillance alarm installer in Brussels, Brabant Wallon and Hainaut, is your partner of choice for the realization of your security system.

Our professionals, with decades of experience, analyze the location to carry out a detailed study of their layout and strategic places where to place video cameras, with what focal length, what lighting and, above all, what angle of view.

Caméras Paradox

Ultra reliable system in all circumstances

Protech Entreprises is a specialist in security systems accredited by INCERT and by the Ministry of the Interior. Therefore, we only use high quality equipment, both for alarm systems and for video surveillance.

Our range of fixed cameras, mobile and dome cameras provides a professional quality image on which no detail will escape you. With automatic lighting and night vision, darkness will no longer be a threat to your safety.

Thanks to our strategic stock of spare parts, we can maintain and repair your video surveillance system 24/24 to keep it always in working order. This is the condition for a flawless security chain, which you can reinforce by integrating your intrusion alarm systems , fire alarm and access control to your video surveillance system.

In addition, with an easy-to-use mobile application, you have access to images captured by your cameras at all times. Last advantage, focusing on proximity and tailor-made service, we train you in the correct use of your new video surveillance system.

Respect for privacy.

The use of cameras is a delicate subject these days. There are different scenarios. If you can film the inside of your buildings without any problem, as soon as any exterior elements appear, the risk of privacy violation arises.To enable you to remain in compliance with image rights and privacy legislation, our professional installers are trained to place your cameras in a way that avoids any conflict. So your images will always be usable, whatever the circumstances. More details in our section Legislation.

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