Immediate fire detection and high-performance alarm

No house, apartment or building is immune to fire. It is for this reason that the installation of smoke detectors has become compulsory in Belgium. However, to ensure optimal protection, Protech Entreprises offers you quality equipment, multifunction detectors and circuits that can be integrated into your other electronic protection systems.

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Fire detector

Multifunction detectors for rapid prevention

There is no smoke without fire ... but the start of a fire can go unnoticed if the smoke does not reach a badly positioned detector. In order to ensure your safety 24 hours a day, we offer a range of detectors that are more efficient than the others, as well as an optimal installation of our products.

The detectors in question activate an audible alarm in the event of smoke, the presence of carbon monoxide (CO) and a significant difference in heat. The detection of CO is particularly important in places equipped with boilers or water heaters, as well as those housing motor vehicles with combustion engines.

Conventional and addressable fire detection systems

When fire alarms are networked, they are on loops. In a building, such as an office building, each floor receives an alarm loop. In the event of detection, the entire floor is affected by the alarm, without giving further details. This is the conventional system.

An addressable system makes it possible to know the exact position of the triggered alarm on a loop, so evacuation and intervention orders can be focused on a specific area or even a specific room.

A complete fire alarm system includes, in addition to the autonomous sound alarm units (BAAS), a signaling panel to monitor the equipped zones, manual call points and a security power source.

Fire detectors integrated into electronic protection systems

PROTECH ENTREPRISE, INCERT approved fire alarm installer , can perfectly integrate your fire detectors into an intrusion alarm system connected to a central monitoring station. So your house or building will always be protected against accidents. In addition, fire evacuation alarms are different from intrusion alarms (different sound) and work even if the anti-intrusion system is disarmed.

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