An intrusion alarm system that nothing escapes

Our tailor-made systems can adapt to any situation to detect any undesirable presence. Using only branded equipment, Protech Entreprises in Brussels and Brabant Wallon offers flawless electronic protection solutions to ensure your safety.

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Tailor-made performance against intrusions

Thanks to our wide choice of brands and alarm systems, we offer a real tailor-made service. For optimal reliability, in our choice of alarm systems, we recommend the installation of wired alarm systems. With properly concealed cables, these systems are the most safest and particularly suitable to large buildings as well as those with materials or devices that may interfere with the transmission of a wireless signal.

However, to meet specific needs, we can also install wireless systems, especially in ad hoc additions.

Smartphone alarm app

But wireless technology has an advantage in terms of your smartphone :
Thanks to an easy-to-use application, you get full control over your burglar protection :

  • Access to camera surveillance images (see our video surveillance service)
  • Exclusion of certain areas if necessary
  • Full, instant or partial arming.
  • Remote opening or closing of certain doors (garage).

From the free offer to quality finishes

In order to serve you better, we analyze together the current situation and your specific needs. Then, we offer a suitable solution via a free personalized offer.

When installing INCERT certified equipment, our professional alarm installers approved by the Ministry of the Interior ensure that the integrity of the premises is respected. We do clean work and always look for the best solutions to guarantee the aesthetic integration of our detection and alarm systems.

Also be aware that your intrusion protection system can be supplemented by our other services, such as video surveillance, remote monitoring and even security. Do not hesitate to call us for a study of the premises and an offer adapted to your security needs.

Smartphone alarm app

An anti-intrusion system always ready to react

Regardless of the quality of our alarm kits, some parts wear out over time or during incidents. Protech Entreprises, INCERT certified alarm installer for houses (by the way) and buildings, always keeps a stock of spare parts and our maintenance and repair service is available 24 hours a day.

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