Important legal aspects and tax advantages

The current legislation in force imposes certain constraints on the declaration of an alarm system or CCTV, but offers certain tax advantages to the self-employed, liberal professions and SMEs. In this section we review the essentials about you.

Declaration of an alarm system

Reference :Royal Decree of April 25, 2007, entered into force on October 4, 2007.

From the date of commissioning, decommissioning or modification of mandatory data, you have a maximum of 10 days to make the declaration.

From :

Or from the FPS Interior at number :02 / 577.34.82

You will need to bring your electronic identity card and provide the following data :

  • Contact details of the location of the alarm system (Name, Address, Telephone)
  • Nature of the asset where the system is installed (home, business, etc.)
  • Nature of the specific risk of the place (ex : jewelry store, pharmacy, etc.)
  • Nature of the alarm system (protection of property, people, etc.)
  • User details (Name, Address, GSM, E-Mail)

Note : if your system is connected to a monitoring center, they can take care of the declaration for you.

Declaration of a video surveillance system

Reference : Law of March 21, 2007, known as the “ Cameras Law ”

Any installation of a surveillance camera by an individual to monitor the access to his property, or by a company to prevent theft, damage and break-in must be reported.Not affected : cameras installed inside a home

The declaration must be made on (but you can also find a link on ) using your electronic identity card, citizen token or Itsme. It is the data controller who must make the declaration, i.e. the person who made the decision to install.

A monitoring center can take care of this declaration for you if you have subscribed to it.

Tax advantages

While individuals no longer benefit from tax advantages, on the other hand the self-employed, SMEs and liberal professions can :

  • Benefit from an additional deduction of 20.5% on investment costs in securing their professional premises
  • Deduct their subscription fees to an alarm center up to 120%.

More information on

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